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-I'd Rather Die Than Obey in Paperback - Autographed

-I'd Rather Die Than Obey in Paperback - Autographed

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"I'd Rather Die Than Obey" invites readers on a transformational journey through the Book of Jonah, exploring the prophet who ran from God's assignment. Its lessons are as relevant today as when Jonah first told the tale of how God used a fish and a worm to change his heart.

This women's Bible study offers a fresh perspective on this timeless story, asking difficult questions that delve into the deep waters of faith, obedience, and the unwavering love of the Creator. As we wade, then swim through the short book, we'll find it teaches a lesson about a God whose love is bigger and broader than the depths of our willful disobedience.

With wisdom and insight, this study guides us to explore our own struggles with trust. Dive into its pages to uncover powerful truths Jonah's journey teaches about God's presence, God's unwavering love that extends mercy and invites everyone into his family, and the profound peace that grows when we trust God over our reasoning.

"I'd Rather Die Than Obey" is a challenging beacon of hope for women seeking deeper understanding in their faith journey. This study will equip readers to grow in trusting God, even when it hurts. 

Release date: November 11, 2023

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